Pathfinder Character Sheet 1.1.0

Artwork by Paizo

The New Character Sheet

After a few weeks of laboring, the new Pathfinder Character Sheet is out!  It's still heavily in beta, but it's solid enough to fill out and take out to the ol' Pathfinder game without any real chances of it blowing up.

Currently, it's 4 pages long and requires a pencil to fill out.  Most of this is due to not being completely laid out the way I want it to be.  The character sheet still has some work to go before I throw it into Acrobat and get all of the forms drawn out and formulas input into it.  The more feedback I get from the character sheet, the better the sheet will be in the end.

Until then, expect rapid updates to the character sheet.


The previous link was deprecated in favor of the new version: 

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