Brand New Site

Decided that trying to upgrade my old version of Ghost just wasn’t for me. It’s gotten a bit more complicated and waaaay too much for my meager needs as far as posting random stuff on the internet.

So, after some pain getting jekyll up and running, figuring out how to get the theme installed, and getting something to serve the files, we are good to go so welcome to the new site!

Old Site

All is not lost: the old blog site is still available! I felt like there might still be some valuable stuff on the old website, but trying to migrate everything was a complete pain in the ass so I decided just to put it on just to make sure stuff doesn’t fade away as it often does on the web.


As for what’s going to go on the new site? Hopefully more of the same. The new Pathfinder 2nd Edition character sheet is still ongoing, and now that I can actually add stuff easily there should be more posts on anything from homelab to dumb ideas in software design…so, it could be absolutely anything.

Let’s see where this goes.

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